Poem #25: Blue Belles

In the light of dawn I saw the bud bloom An eldritch beauty In the twilit ruins. Blue like the violets of a rhyme Bell flowers chiming the break of dawn Dancing to their own rhythm Relics of an age bygone. And I dance how one seldom does I forget that the blue belles aren’t…

Poem #22: The Blinking Lamp

Away, away and under The age old blinking lamp Sat the two young lovers Holding their hands. No longer blinking periodically Old was the lamp’s attire A light so dull and devoid Of the lovers’ passionate fire. The age old blinking lamp On the age old winding lane Stood guard for the couple Under the…

Poem #21: The Chime

In sanguine summers, Through sunlit waves, I see the gray homes Of misery and heartaches. The chime rings like everyday; The air is still the same. A family’s laughter Reminds me of old times Behind a smile is A story hidden within rhyme But the chime rings like everyday; The air is still the same….

Poem #20: Open

“Open sesame and take me to oblivion where what is known may never be true.” Says the girl as she anticipates what lies inside.

Poem #19: The River’s Game

Burying sins beneath, The river flows past Bouncing over treasure chests Where dreams don’t last. In the soil below, Are stories of time, Under sticks and bones, Are lullabies that don’t rhyme. Decades fly by Rivers change course Giving rise to hope Opening closed doors. When all is dead Faith burns red Faith in rivers…

Poem #17: Unbound

In a world where most rules tie you down, where all actions are dictated by society and where going against the system is considered “unconventional”, how do you leave your mark?