Roaming the mounts

Wandering the seven seas

There is much to explore

Much to feed his fantasies



Trysts of meandering rivers

And bridges, extending arms

To the summits encircling them

Lying vulnerably are the farms.




He maunders around places

From dales to towns

Where pines are sentinels

And the peaks form crowns.



Nature takes a woman’s guise

Cascades fall in beautiful strands

Torrents intertwine as fingers

And linns reign the mystic lands.



Unquenchable is his thirst

To rove about the ranges

To unleash the vagabond within

And to experience all the changes.



Waves merge from green to azure

Grey dominates the blue sky

He has yet to see, yet to hear

The whirling gale’s first cry.


Overwhelmed at the idea

Of not living enough to see it all

He hides under a rock

Awaiting his last fall.



Drops of rain pierce the blue dome

He watches as water falls in rivulets

Sorrow slowly subsides like the rain

And waves break in ringlets.



The grey turns a clear blue

And sunlight dances amongst trees

They console him and push him

To see every crevice and crease.




Mountains challenge him

Streams bounce through sun rays

And the pine before him bows

‘Go ahead, Wayfarer’ it says.




Hey folks! Sorry for not writing any sooner. I’m back from my vacation in Uttarakhand. It was a 10 day trip (wih little access to wifi so I had difficulty posting anything) in which we covered Nainital, Binsar Valley, Mussoorie, Auli and a few other places. Do tell me where you went this winter. And as always, any feedback or tips for my poem or photography is highly appreciated.Keep reading!!20181221_100850   

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  1. Tom Burton says:

    Lovely read! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday & hope you have a fantastic New Year! ❤
    If you like, I was going to link to your blog for my next Liebster Award – it’ll hopefully get more readers interested in bloggers with under 200 followers. Are there any particular bloggers you know whose short stories / poems have impressed you & could do with a larger audience?

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    1. Hey! Thank you! I hope you have a fabulous New Year, too!
      Thank you, Tom! For always being so kind and considerate. That would be a huge honor for me. And yes, I do know bloggers whose stories have immensely impressed me. The Pensieve is one of them:


  2. Novus Lectio says:

    I love it!
    Good pics 😉

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    1. Thanks a lot Novus!

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  3. floatinggold says:

    Are those pictures from the trip? They are absolutely amazing and complement the poem so well.
    You created such great imagery with your words. Well done.

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    1. Yes, they are from the trip. Oh, thank you so much, Goldie! For reading and appreciating. Your appreciation means a lot to me.

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  4. The Pensieve says:

    Wow! Well done! (Well being an understatement)

    Not only is the poem your best work till date* (personal opinion on this blog), but the picturesque images blend really well with it, giving the post a brand new outlook. It reminded me of my photography plus story work (A picturesque tale).

    Your photography is pretty good as well. Just that I found some problems in your light exposure. Maybe try decreasing the ISO for some pics next time?

    I’m glad to hear that you had a great trip. And sorry I didn’t reply earlier. My exams got over yesterday and now I finally have the space to think…

    As always, I’ll be looking forward to more of your work! 😊✌️

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    1. Thank you soooo much! You have no idea how happy it makes me, knowing how much you liked this post. As always, your appreciation gave me a huge boost.
      I read that post now. It was similar to watching a video. The pictures narrated the tale very beautifully.
      Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep it in mind next time. According to my sister, I used to suck at photography. But…I have improved and the fact that you liked them only adds to my motivation.
      Oh! Your exams just got over? Lucky you! Mine will start after a month. But there is the constant pressure of olympiads…Which is why I won’t be able to post much in the coming days. But I try to post as soon as I can. Happy blogging!

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      1. The Pensieve says:

        You are welcome indeed lil sis! 😊

        And thanks a lot for your appreciation of my post!

        Aww.. Your sister said that now, did she? Well.. according to me, you don’t suck at all! But of course, there’s a definite scope for improvement.

        Lucky..yes. I’m a little worried though. Bcz if things go wrong, it’ll take me 6 more months too get that tag of ‘Dr’. So I have my fingers crossed until the results next month😑

        Best of luck for your school exams and Olympiads. Hope you qualify for the national and international level! 😊✌️

        Blogging is always gonna be there for you, don’t you worry! Just stay focused.

        Wish you all the very best! ✌️

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      2. 😁😊
        You’re welcome!
        Yeah, she had said that…Well, there is always scope for improvement.
        Hey, don’t worry…much. Because there is little you can do right now. Stress is not going to do any good but well, it will be hypocritical of me to tell you not to worry.😅
        Thank you so much, bhaiya!
        Yes, I will stay focused. Blogging will have to wait until next month.
        Thank you!

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      3. The Pensieve says:

        That’s true…. Worrying won’t be any help at all. I’d better focus on ‘chillin’ while I can, eh? 😅

        Hey, have you watched the TV show FRIENDS? ‘cuz I have just started writing a novel based on Ross and Rachel. Hope you can find time to read it sometime in February I suppose…

        I’ll be looking forward to your response (as and when possible)



      4. Yeah…Chillax while you can.
        Well, I have watched a few episodes but not in sequence. I don’t mean to offend you but I sorta feel that it’s a little overrated. Although, I’ll read it’s summary so that when I read your novel, I’ll understand better.

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      5. The Pensieve says:

        Actually, you don’t have to read the summary of FRIENDS. Because that’s exactly my intention. To convey the story in a way that can be understood by non-FRIENDS fans as well. In fact, your feedback will be more valuable to me if you have not read/seen it.

        And don’t worry. I am not offended. I have heard that from many people and let’s face it. It is a bit overrated after all. That doesn’t stop me from being a fan though😅

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Ok cool, so I’ll start reading it once I’m done with exams!😁
        I’m glad you’re not offended. ☺That is the case with books and series, no matter how overrated they are, they’re still worthwhile.

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      7. The Pensieve says:

        Cool! All the best for your exams! 😊

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      8. The Pensieve says:

        Cool! All the best for your exams! 😊

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  5. Ashley says:

    👍👌 amazing photography with outstanding poem. Keep it up !!

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    1. Thanks a lot!😀


  6. Fiery says:

    Wonderful merging of poetry and words! X

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Rachel Steve says:

      Thank you so much, Fiery!

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  7. Simply breathtaking!! I just simply love reading and composing nature poems , and when I read such immensely beautiful compositions , it really takes me to another world altogether.. and beautiful photography, they just added up to the immense beauty of this poem ! Envious of your writing skills though 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rashi Singh says:

      Thank you!! I like reading and composing nature poems, too. Your comments truly motivate me to keep improving!
      Haha,you have great writing skills, too. All your poems that I’ve read yet have such a lovely flow. And a great message.
      Thanks again, Nikesh!


      1. Nah I feel my poems are too immature in front of yours , particularly the ones that I posted initially as a blogger

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      2. Rashi Singh says:

        No, that’s not true. I really enjoy reading your work…All of us have space to improve and it is only by practice that we improve. Man, some of my poems are so immature, I’ve even considered unpublishing them. 🙂


      3. Ok can you read one or two of my recent ones like occult grace or may be ultimate victory and honestly tell me where can I improve cause your maturity is really commendable

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      4. Rashi Singh says:

        Oh, sure. Thank you, that’s very humbling.


  8. Lia says:

    I just read this via Mathew the Wolf Boy and loved it! So beautiful!

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    1. Rashi Singh says:

      Thanks a lot, Lia!

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