Hey guys! This poem is a response to this writing prompt. It’s actually inspired by the Greek God, Zeus. Feel free to check out the link. Do tell me what you thought of this poem. I’d love to read your thoughts. Click the Like button if you liked this post.Don’t forget to share and comment!And…

When Dreams Fail

When your dreams fail
When you’re buried in hail
When you’re begging for help
Don’t be too hard on yourself

I’m not alone

It’s a dark lonely nightAnd I’m far from homeBut it’s a vast, wide worldAnd I’m not aloneBut I’m walking aloneAmidst a dark. damp streetAn occasional lampA hidden moon above me.A beautiful life in an unjust eraAll are unique and yet the sameUnder the lamp, I make friendsSome stay, others flee this game.Betrayed and ambushed,I’m losing…

The River’s Game

Burying sins beneath, The river flows past Bouncing over treasure chests Where dreams don’t last. In the soil below, Are stories of time, Under sticks and bones, Are lullabies that don’t rhyme. Decades fly by Rivers change course Giving rise to hope Opening closed doors. When all is dead Faith burns red Faith in rivers…

His Masterpiece

Building the armature He crafts with grace A vision in his eyes An artist’s pace. Moulding the clay He makes life Applying on the base Carving with his knife. Hair like cascades A sharp jawline High cheek bones Eyes the color of wine. But there is no life Without misery in her eyes Nervousness in…


In a world where most rules tie you down, where all actions are dictated by society and where going against the system is considered “unconventional”, how do you leave your mark?

The Versatile Blogger Award

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