Because, in the end… It’s all just Perception

Life: A race or A journey?

Is life a race or a journey? Do I compete in the race or enjoy the journey? The latter sounds comforting. But is it true?

Aren’t you afraid of the dark?

Hey there, li’l kid! What are you doing up so late? Hasn’t Mommy warned you Of the monsters that prey on the weak? The Darkness has begun its conquest The Darkness, full of terrors With creatures lurking in the shadows And owls hooting in their nests. When light is consumed And Ole Grim Reaper returns…


She hopes for success Craves for fame Works to achieve A recognition of name. She battles hurdles And soars ahead ‘She is a fighter’ The people said. She wants to reach up To their expectations She wants to scale Beyond wishes and figmentations. When evening sun bends low And the Nyx descends She tests her…

Dare to Dream

    Dark black locks stream on her face As she stares at the vast skies that lay ahead Waves dance in a sluggish pace And the branches curl above her head.   A shooting star carries her dreams To the world of her fantasies A surreal world in which she gleams And before her,…