Embark On A Journey

Today I embark on a journey Sunlight bounces off leaves The road forks not once but twice Under the umbra of changing trees. In the midst of change,  A tranquil pond invites me I’m unsure and overwhelmed Yet there is no place I’d rather be. Ripples spread the gift of hope Pumping adrenaline through my…

Shielded With Normalcy

Lilacs showered upon me A love I didn’t appreciate Sunlight bouncing off windows Hurt to be neglected Now, taunt my very being An animal caged in the zoo Mocked by wandering birds But in this desperate boredom, I’m learning to find Symphony in their chirps. Walls are crashing down That shielded me with normalcy In…


“Mommy, I feel sleepy!” I watch a little girl wrap her chubby arms around her mother’s waist. It’s late at night and everyone is going home except me. The little girl buries her face in her mother’s stomach. She turns her face to the side, looking at me. I smile at her. But my wrinkly…

When Dreams Fail

When your dreams fail
When you’re buried in hail
When you’re begging for help
Don’t be too hard on yourself


A poem on finding your passions and following them…

10 Quotes To Read When You Don’t Feel Productive

We all have those days when we just don’t want to do things. When productivity doesn’t come naturally to us. We get over this phase in our own ways but reading quotes certainly helps. So here I’ve put forth a collection of quotes that I find inspiring. 10 Productivity Quotes to get you started: 10….

Poem #3: Wildfire

When you can’t run from your nightmares, you face them.
A poem on facing hardships…

Art #1: Masked

Behind the smiling mask is a story worth crying for…