Because everything happens for a reason…

Company: Chapter 3 -The Dark Times

The third and final chapter of the Company series.
Does Zac’s mom find out about Ben? What truly is Ben’s intention? Who is he? Is the rag picker right about him? Is he truly bad company?

Company: Chapter 2- The Dark Truth

This is the next installment of Company: Chapter 1 -The Dark Alley.
Zac has convinced his Mom by his excuses but he is completely unaware that someone knows about Zac’s friendship with Ben. Someone who doesn’t quite approve of it. Will Zac’s mom finally know the dark truth?

Company: Chapter 1 -The Dark Alley

Zac has been cycling to the Dark Alley every day to meet someone. Someone about whom he hasn’t told told anybody. Someone who claims to be his friend. Who is he? Is he really his friend? Read more to know more!

How Do I Escape?

This short story follows Patrice, a kid who has been tormented by nightmares and abused by her father, a drunkard with an inclination towards violence.