“Open sesame and take me to oblivion where what is known may never be true.” Says the girl as she anticipates what lies inside.

How Do I Escape?

This short story follows Patrice, a kid who has been tormented by nightmares and abused by her father, a drunkard with an inclination towards violence.

Chaos is a ladder

When waves crash the shores of my mind and confusion creeps up like the tide, when I drift away with the flow of life, that’s when I paint the canvas with words and that’s when I realize that chaos, when used constructively, is a ladder in disguise.

Life: A race or A journey?

Is life a race or a journey? Do I compete in the race or enjoy the journey? The latter sounds comforting. But is it true?

Aren’t you afraid of the dark?

Hey there, li’l kid! What are you doing up so late? Hasn’t Mommy warned you Of the monsters that prey on the weak? The Darkness has begun its conquest The Darkness, full of terrors With creatures lurking in the shadows And owls hooting in their nests. When light is consumed And Ole Grim Reaper returns…

10 Quotes To Read When You Don’t Feel Productive

We all have those days when we just don’t want to do things. When productivity doesn’t come naturally to us. We get over this phase in our own ways but reading quotes certainly helps. So here I’ve put forth a collection of quotes that I find inspiring. 10 Productivity Quotes to get you started: 10….

Poem #4: Venture

The winds of revenge take me down as I strive to pierce the sky. But I don’t stop. For nothing worth having is ever easy.