Poem #11: When Dreams Fail

When your dreams fail
When you’re buried in hail
When you’re begging for help
Don’t be too hard on yourself

Guest Post #6: 99 Luftballons

One way of presenting Occam’s razor is that the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely an explanation is….


Because, in the end… It’s all just Perception

Poem #10: An Elegy To Me…

I open my eyes to see the beautiful lie of life for the last time but instead, I see memories…Although, the memory is getting eroded…

Company: Chapter 3 -The Dark Times

The third and final chapter of the Company series.
Does Zac’s mom find out about Ben? What truly is Ben’s intention? Who is he? Is the rag picker right about him? Is he truly bad company?

Poem #8: Chaos is a ladder

When waves crash the shores of my mind and confusion creeps up like the tide, when I drift away with the flow of life, that’s when I paint the canvas with words and that’s when I realize that chaos, when used constructively, is a ladder in disguise.

10 Quotes To Read When You Don’t Feel Productive

We all have those days when we just don’t want to do things. When productivity doesn’t come naturally to us. We get over this phase in our own ways but reading quotes certainly helps. So here I’ve put forth a collection of quotes that I find inspiring. 10 Productivity Quotes to get you started: 10….